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Urban Squares Art - Part H - Art activities 2000 - 2023  
  Chery Beach Toys,  

Green Hair Toys - 2020 - 2023

In our physically distant present, interactions with public art and each other require a distance, but I hope that we can bridge these gaps by engaging with. Through the use of natural, recycled materials, I am creating minimal or no waste in the production of multiple toys and instead honour the potential found in organic materials all around us. Toys vary in sizes between 28x16x10 cm for the largest to 8x6x5 cm for the smallest. Each is carrying a singular perspective, equal, reciprocal and interconnected.

=> For much more information and photos of ALL THE TOYS produced by February 2024 follow this link.

We are considering our stories part of our art activities. Some of them are available only on Serbian, original language they were written, but very soon you will find them translated on English.
Greenhair Raindier - English - PDF document
Originalna verzija price Zelenokosi Jelen - Srpski - PDF document
The Man Who Made Kites - English - PDF
Covek Koji je Pravio Zmajeve - Srpski, PDF document
Red Gate Story or Stiske #15 - English - PDF
Prica o crvenim vratima - Stiska Br. 15 - Srpski, PDF Document
About Birthday - English, PDF Document
O rodjendanu - Srpski, PDF Document
Story about my father Slobodan and his relation to Football - PDF Document

Various Art Proposals involving Green Hair Toys - 2021 and 2022
Proposal 2022 theme “Fault Lines & Fragile States” - PDF Document
Proposal for DesignTO Project - PDF document
Proposal for Brick Works Project - PDF document
Proposal Therapeutic Art Installations - PDF document


More Urbansquares Art

A - Language of urban squares
B - Netart - ReArt
C - Colour prints
D - Photo art
E - Art before 2000
F - Artist statement
G - Netart interview
H - New art activites 2000-2023

❖ Illustration portfolio
❖ Design portfolio


In June 2023 I received package of 50 Mail-Art works of artists all over the world exchanging ideas, objects and works [recipes] envisioning solutions for environmental concerns and ecological thinking. I participated before in similar collaborative artistic projects with notion that art is eternal, without end and the beginning. [Me personally first time in Seville, Spain in 1990]. Recipe #1949 above is, of course, mine.

Organizers were inspired by Mail-art practice and distributed invitations with international open call to artist, writers, activists, revolutionaries, scholars, visionaries, to contribute recipes, interpreted very literally or creatively as desired, in the wishful thinking that this will help in combatting dread. Very similar idea to Brit Wray’s book “Generation Dread”, this psycho-social-ecological problem is revealing eco-anxiety.

Idea was, if possible of course, to strengthen interconnections between communities true art and curation. Centre for Sustainable Curating [organizers]  is leading in research-creation toward less fossil fuel reliant art inseparable with climate change. At least this is what assembling of sustainable recipes seems to be getting across.

On-line digital version with complete information is available here: 

CSC Centre for Sustainable Curating
Western Arts&Humanities
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

      4th World Congress of Psychogeography, 4th September 2022

We were invited to participate. This is our contribution:
"Church Street is on the west edge of 10-block “Old” town laid out in 1793 on a site selected by Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe in the eastern part of the lands reserved for government use, and in proximity to the historic St. Lawrence Market. Walk true this Street is very unique experience, rare not only for Toronto where 50% of the people are born outside of the country, but unique anywhere in the world. I can bet that you would “love to be here”.

Materials prepared for the Congress:
#01 Church Street Walk - August 2022
#02 Post Card - 10 slides, condensed version of same the walk



  Proposal Banners,  
      Proposal for City wide [Mississauga] public art banner-program consists of realistic freehand portraits of people selected by the organizers and created by me exclusively for this occasion.

My suggestions is to find number of persons from the history, maybe connected to
the Mississaugas of the Credit, Anishinaabe, Chippewa, Seneca, Haudenosaunee
or Huron-Wendat indigenous people, since the city of Mississauga is located on
their Treaty Lands and Territory.

  Bloomin Season, Toronto, Poroposal  

Proposal for The Yonge + St. Clair Business Improvement Area outdoor three-dimensional public artwork, Springtime Flowers Interactive Art Installation. Location is in front of #1 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto. March, 2022

BLOOM CELEBRATION. This proposed 3D artwork consists of two semi circles constructed of the light metal frames, securely attached to the ground but still easily dismantled during winter months. Semi Circles will be position in such a way that allows unobstructed entrance to the inner space and passage to the opposite side. Dimensions of this artwork will be approximately 4 meters in diameter, space for the entrance will be approximately 1 meter, height will be total of 2.3 meters, images portion will be 1.6 meters and it will be at the distance of 0.7 meters from the ground.

When inside of the space you will have an impression that you are in the actual space, in our case exaggerated, enlarged, making it surreal.




Now - Then - & Then – triptich 3 times 40 x 40 x 4 cm, 3D mixed media
....exhibited at art salon in Toronto, November 2019, [this version updated May, 2020.

 art, 1974  

Here - There [Tamo - Ovde] – diptich 2 timess 50 x 50 x 4 cm, 3D mixed media,
....exhibited at Art Salon. Toronto November 2018 art 1979  

Zebull, drawing, artprint, 50x50cm,
....exhibited at Art Salon, Toronto, December 2016
Pelican, drawing, artprint, 50x40cm, November 2016
Leowl, drawing, artprint, 50x50cm,
...exhibited at Art Salon, Toronto, December 2016

We are glad to announce that our on-line store where you can puchase this and many more images is now re-opened. Check it out=>


Girl swiming with horses, 3D artprint, 2013 [cooperation with Whiste&Work]
Girl running with dogs, 3D artprint, 2013 [cooperation with Whiste&Work]
Girl flying with birds, 3D artprint, 2013 [cooperation with Whiste&Work]

We are glad to announce that our on-line store where you can puchase this and many more images is now re-opened. Check it out=>

  aleksandar janicijevic illustration  

Various illustrations 2013-2022 urbansquares illustrations portfolio

    During my art practise I have collaborated with many artists but two of them,
unfortunately both of them not with us any more, deserve to be mentioned.
Veselin Vukašinović Marija Stošić
        More Urbansquares Art  
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