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One of the highlights of the event “Joy in the park” on May 10, 2024, was the unveiling of Jamii’s new photo exhibition “Placemaking“, curated by Sabrine Hakam, showcasing seven local photographers. One of the selected photos is mine, “Beware of Artists, they mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous

As a topic of the media art context of The Anthropocene Project is the significant human impact on ecosystems, including the human-caused climate change, biodiversity loss etc.
Link to our contribution =>

Congratulations, Aleksandar Janicijevic! On behalf of the entire TBEX Community, I want to extend my warmest congratulations to you on being nominated for a TBEX Travel Creator Award in the BEST TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY category! June, 2024

We have been very impressed with your artistic production and we are glad to inform you that Psychogeography has been selected for publication in the next Special edition of LandEscape Art Review Biennial Edition.


In June 2023 I participated in the project Assembling Recipes for Sustainability, where 50 Mail-Art artists all over the world exchanging ideas, objects and works [recipes] envisioning solutions for environmental concerns and ecological thinking.

In September we performed one of the longest walks in our collection. Four locations within the village of Koraćica in Serbia. Walk took amost 5 hours.


We accepted invitation to participate on 4th World Congress of Psychogeography, in September 2022 [more info]

Proposal for City wide [Mississauga] public art banner - program

Proposal for The Yonge
+ St. Clair Business Improvement Area outdoor three-dimensional public artwork

Proposal - Fault Lines and Fragile States, 2022
- PDF document

Proposal Therapeutic Art Installations - PDF document


Art as an early warning system
- Article - PDF document

Proposal Colour Blue Project
- PDF document


Proposal for Design TO Project
September 2020

Evergreen New Commissions
Addressing Equity in Public Space
Urban Squares proposal PDF
August 2020

Architectural Record
Logo Design Competition,
Urban Squares Proposal,
July 2020


Construct Canada
Architectural Roundtable
November 30, 2016
" Designing Resilient Buildings in the Face of Climate Change"

Since the begining of 2016 I am actively involved in a coalition of professionals and academics passionate about Canada’s future. We seek to enable cities and communities to better cope with climate change. Resilience 2:1 is a guiding principle based on the proportion of bio-capacity to carbon footprint.
Art Salon 2016
Urban squares exhibited
"What Now" illustrations/art print
Toronto, Nov. 24 - Dec. 4, 2016


Participated in inaugural Renew Hamilton Learning Forum on October 18 on the property beside the iconic Lister Building in downtown Hamilton.
Art Salon 2013
The Consulate General,
Republic of Serbia.
Urban squares exhibited
Language of Urban Squares 2,
Chromira art print
February 7 - March 7, 2013


New Book MYpsychogeography published, June 2015
Art Salon 2015
North Liberty Properties.
Urban squares exhibited two
Whistle & Work
illustrations/art print
May 29 - June 12, 2015


Participated at the Tower Neighbourhood Renewal Symposium, presented by University of Toronto cities centre in partnership with mayor's tower renewal program. November 8, 2010, Hart House debates room, U of T.


Urban squares is starting in May process of creating specialized pages for our Psychogeographical walks, neighbourhood portraits. So far we have 7 walks finished in this new format.
We are invited to Sandford Fleming Forum: Resilient Communities and a Technology to determine the Risk and Reward.
Thursday, 4 May 2017 5:30 PM.
Faculty Club - University Of Toronto
January 2017
Our new book 66 SIDEVIEWS is published.
Thesa are scenes, incidents, accidents, performances, events, signs, episodes, warnings, spectacles, omens or anything that gives evidence of an event, mood or mental or psychical state.


Participated at the
Climate Resiliency:
Global Problem, Local Solutions
- October 22nd to 24th, 2019
Seneca’s Green Citizen Symposium
Art Salon 2019

Urban squares exhibited
"Now, Then & Then", mixed media art, Toronto, Sep.12 - Sep. 22, 2019
In February our new book Genius Loci - Duh Mesta – Spirit of the Place is published.


Heritage Toronto, Toronto Society of Architects [TSA] and Design Industry Advisory Committee [DIAC] organized poster design competition. Two urban squares works submitted were accepted in final 16 exhibition. On may 27, 2008 on the Toronto the Good party in the fermenting cellar, Distillery District, winners were announced. One of our designs received the honourable mention and the other one third prize!

Illustration by published in the Storm Cunningham new book reWealth! more info at, May 2008.
myCity: urban artworks
urbanscapes gallery, toronto
exhibited chromira art print,
language of urban squares 2 & 3,
February 28 – March 12, 2008


Green Infrastructure Ontario Update. June 25th, 2012.
Participated in the U of T Sustainabliity Symposium,
June 13&14, 2012 - organized to promote a vision of a "living lab" for sustainability, exploring how innovative solutions developed and tested on campus can contribute to the broader challenge of urban sustainability.
Renew Hamilton, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Initiative, June 14, 2012. salon dinner devoted to inspired urban environments with Christopher Hume and guests.
Our visit to Buenos Aires in March 2012 resulted with the exciting gallery with 100 selected photos: Buenos Aires Street Art. Accompanying the gallery is a short article about visuals as a form of expression.


Close to 150 buildings of architectural, historic, cultural and/or social significance opened their doors to the public on may 28th and 29th 2011. Doors Open Toronto 2011 theme was photography. Urbansquares was available as one of the participating "ask the photographers" at the Design exchange (DX), Canada’s Design Centre and Museum with a mission to promote the value of design. Some of the photo related works were available to the visitors to enjoy and explore.
In March 2011 and accompanied material was selected for the new book by Maria Amelia Bulhões, professor at Rio Grande do Sul federal university in Brazil, "Web art and territory's poetry". Book was published in June, 2011.


Art Salon 2018
Urban squares exhibited
"Here-There [tu-tamo],
mixed media art,

Toronto, Nov. 22 - Dec. 2, 2018
Participating as member
of the organizing team to the DEEP RESILIENCE: Our “Hotter, Wetter, Wilder” Challenge - A Presentation of Seneca College, in association with TD Insurance 23, 24 and 25 October 2018


Interactive document "Williamsburg" [006], psychogeographical portrait, created as a case study for the project "Enabled Neighbourhoods" in cooperation with B. Humber and B. Killin, CBE, Seneca College, Toronto, August 2007, 20 pages, 136 photos
:: Interactive PDF 1.9 MB
Psychogeography walk [007] - Zmajeva Kolonija, Beograd, Srbija, August 10th, 2007
:: PDF document 1.5 MB
Visit to Biennele di Venezia, art festival - July 2007

Project "urbansquares" presented on the "network of creative people" web site, on Serbian language, May 7, 2007.
Urban squares initiative selected for the art section of the Festival of New Communications, Belgrade, Serbia, April 15-22, 2007
In december 2007, materials from urban squares initiative were used in a guidelines for the Surrey, BC, City Center Redevelopment. They also quoted part from one of our texts: “While the square is definitely a city’s heart and soul, as any other living being it needs attention, protection and nourishment.”
Do this to your city [PDF 2.2 MB] - Rant; TSA annual evening of rants, Massey College, University of Toronto, December 13, 2007
Alternative approach to techniques used in the creative process for environmental design students [OCAD] - guest lecture, November 20, 2007 :: PDF document 1.2 MB
Psychogeography - mental reaction :: Presentation in Toronto for delegation of city officials from Xsicheng [district of Beijing] China, October 30, 2007
:: Interactive PDF 0.46 MB
New media fest - preview launched October 26, 2007, page with urbansquares work, interview and biography.


35 artists all over the world, including urbansquares, are selected for the javamuseum netart features 2009. javamuseum is an annual program consisting of a competition and showcase, giving the javaartist-of-the-year-award to outstanding artists in the fields of net based art.
January 2009

Importance of urban squares,
guest lecture for combined urban planning and urban technology classes in Seneca College environmental technology and civil engineering technology programs.
March 17, 2009. :: PDF 1MB
Squares in Cuba, urban emotions - psychogeography, Cuba forum, presentation for a selected group of urban experts and enthusiast, Hotel Novotel, Toronto,
February 6, 2009.
:: PDF document 12MB

Psychogeography, history and techniques, introduction to the projest "Toronto city of towers", initiative by Toronto mayor to revitalize 1000 residential towers in the city. Lecture for environmental site remediation students, future participants in the above mentioned project. Seneca College, February 06, 2009
:: PDF document 9.2MB

  urbansquares urban art  
  2007 was among 25 selected out of several thousand contributions by JavaMuseum - forum for internet technology in contemporary art to be included in New Media Fest 2007, 1st common festival to be launched on 1 November 2007, incorporating the latest project environments by JavaMuseum, CologneOFF, VideoChannel, SoundLAB and Cinematheque.
Playing for Keeps an initiative to develop healthier, more active and better connected cities.
- Urban Innovation Exchange, and
- Detroit's Hopscotch project.
Daniels Spectrum (formerly
known as Regent Park Arts
& Cultural Centre), January 17, 2013


Interactive document "Old Toronto" [005], psychogeographical portrait
– the subjective analysis of neighbourhood behaviours, created as a case study for the project "Enabled Neighbourhoods" in cooperation with B. Humber and B. Killin, CBE, Seneca College, Toronto, December 2006, 36 pages, 136 photos, 2 VR panoramas :: PDF Interactive document 7.2MB
Urban squares, lecture for integrated environmental site remediation students, Seneca College, February 6, 2006
:: PDF document 32.7MB
Public art proposal,
March 2006,
Seneca College,
art commission.
Manhatan urban art photo gallery created on september 26, 2006


Photo published by the "Urbis" web based interactive exhibition about city life in Manchester, UK, photo of the week - august, 2006.
Interactive document "Bowmanville" [004], psychogeographical portrait–the subjective analysis of neighbourhood behaviours , created for the project "enabled neighbourhoods" in cooperation with B. Humber and B. Killin, CBE, Seneca College, Toronto, August 2006, 21 pages, 75 photos, 1 VR panorama :: PDF Interactive document 5.2MB
It is also selected for 3rd Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina (15, 16, 17 November 2007), that will be presenting the festival program in physical space.
Content of this web site accepted for " - Canada's cultural gateway, September 2006


Psychogeography walk [001] - graffiti alley, toronto, december 2005
:: link to the gallery of photos
The language of urban squares presentation - September club, Seneca College, December 21, 2005 :: PDF document 34.7MB
Interview with author may 2005, in "Novine" regarding "People's Choice Award #1" organized by TSA and DX to celebrate the Festival of Architecture and Design 2005.

urban squares initiative is licensed under a creative commons attribution-share alike 2.5 canada license.
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