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  Aleksandar Janićijević

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Una Janićijević Portfolio


❖ Una Janićijević
Art direction, editorial design
illustration & collage, photography
Toronto, Canada

❖ Ken Grünberg
Video editing, photography
Toronto, Canada

❖ Slobodan Marković
Art direction, design,
illustration, photography
Beograd, Srbija

dipl. ing. arch. Rajko Petrović
Doha, State of Qatar +
Melbourne, Australia

oaa. mraic. aia. Ivan Martinović Architect, Toronto, Canada

❖ Morana Petrofski, Director,
Listening Centre,
Toronto, Canada

dipl. ing. arch. Branislav Kovachevich,
Melbourne, Australia

  Aditional Information

We are available for psychogeograpy portraits, unique way of analysis of the needs and identity of urban neighbourhoods in the pre planning process. Some of the questions raised and answered could be: what’s unique, what do we need here, how to revitalize it, how to make it function or give it expression, how can it differentiate itself, how to preserve and promote, what are the design principles, how to create bonds, communicate community, densify and diversif or how to improve resilience of this community.

We are also available for graphic and web design projects. In last ten years we have created lot of illustrations with urban issues in mind, public presentations, lectures and consultations.

Author of all of the photos, panoramas, illustrations and texts used in this site is Aleksandar Janicijevic, except those where someone else is quoted. We are holders of all the copyrights.

copyrights urbansquares

  Contact Us

info [at]
omen [at]

Contact us to get the permission to use any material free of charge on thematically related sites, in the articles or books. We will need detailed information about intended usage, we should be mentioned as the authors and website as a source of the materials.

See example: "Old Toronto", analysis of neighbourhood behaviours, created as a case study for the project "Digital Neighbourhoods", Revitalization Institute, Seneca College

Old Toronto:
PDF document 7.2MB
PDF document 5.2MB

Since 2015 Aleksandar is participating as a founding member in Resilience 2to1, a non-profit group of educators, researchers and professionals focused on the issue of resilience for Canada during a changing climate.

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urban squares initiative is licensed under a creative commons attribution-share alike 2.5 canada license.
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