La Square Suzanne Buisson, Paris, France, 2012

Totally charming stroll for lovers. It is also a breath of fresh air in this large square, sheltered from noisy cars and traffic, with a fountain, benches and a surprising statue of the beheaded Saint Denis carrying his head in his hands. it was opened in 1951, and offers bowling, several playgrounds and beautiful apple and cherry trees, poplars and roses.

it is adored by locals and its secluded location is also sheltering it from too many tourists. Notice how active this space is with neighbourhood match of Pétanque, [form of boules or bocce in italian], kids playing everywhere around and plenty of people occupying every single bench in the park.

Entrance from the north [last photo bellow], from Rue Simon Dereure is beside quite unexpected structure, surprisingly similar to the Gaudi's building in the Park Guel in Barcelona. Even more surprising is that it is housing a public washroom, and the covered entrance is ideal for homeless Montmartrians. Large very pleasant space mentioned before is just behind, don't get discouraged by the first sight and you will not regret.

Square is named in memory of Suzanne Buisson (1883-194?), heroine and martyr of the resistance, board member of the socialist party (SFIO) underground, national secretary of the socialist women (SFIO), who died in deportation. Even today there were some flowers under the plaque. She is still remembered.

Tip for visitors: Free Wi-Fi spot in the whole park is provided by Orange France.

One more curiosity of this lovely urban space is small fountain. This "fontaine Wallace Petit Model" is one of the several models created by Charles-Auguste Lebourg, financed in 1870 by philanthropist Richard Wallace. They are placed in few cities around the world in great numbers and over time become symbols of Paris. Much more details about them you can find here.

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