Blog • November 6, 2021

Toronto Covid19, January 2021Last year we introduced new "meandering" way of navigating 395 urban squares in our collection. This time another one of 20 groups there.

Group #7. Unusual Squares
Largo Bartolomeu Dias, Lisboa
Mt. Pleasant Square, Brampton
Domwell Highwalk, London
Oberblaak, Rotterdam
Place Del Teatro, Sacramento
Square, Lahaina, Maui
UN plaza, UN teritory

We are still celebrating one important event, exactly 20 years since we started this website with our very first VR panorama, Campo San Martin, in Venezia, immediately after visit to Biennale di Venezia, by far the best International Art Exhibition. It was very inspirational!

We visited same place two times more after that first one.

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