Blog • March 22, 2021

Toronto Covid19, January 2021
This is where I am creating this page and this is where in the last 5 years I was working on most of my illustration, graphic design and other creative work. It is located in the middle of old town Toronto, in one of the first 10 blocks as drawn by Lord Simcoe in 1793.

More important is that this is my eight studio, first one started 53 years ago?!

In this pandemic situation when all travel is blocked and even walks around the city is restricted to the periods when there is almost no people around, most secure are inner walks, walks in your mind or in the studio itself.

So I decided to make a 53 years long psychogeographical portrait of my studio one by one all eight of them.

Check them out, I think it will be quite inspirational. Lot of history there.

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