Blog • February 21, 2021

Toronto Covid19, January 2021

Most of the times we do not record all of the visited urban squares. At some later point we revisit some of the photos taken at that time and think that we missed the opportunity to introduce space that deserve to be in this collection.

One of those is Largo Santa Marta, in Ericeira, Portugal, around the white and blue church that was built in 1760. On this site there had been a chapel from 1484, which held an image of the Virgin that was believed to grant miracles and protect from the plague. The image was once taken to Lisbon, but perished in a fire resulting from the Great Earthquake of 1755.

We have several other urban squares in our collection from one of our favourite towns in Portugal, and of course portrait of Ericeira is among 77 city galleries in our collection.

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