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Psychogeography Portrait.. 40. Beograd Visuals 2023  
  Beograd Visuals 2023  



Beograd or Belgrade. Srbija or Serbia. Five years after our last visit. Exploring and observing is what we do and like, so, expect lot of visuals.


New visuals everywhere, some of them upside down??


This set of visuals is kind of special?? First one is menu from the restaurant called "Last Chance" with headless Don Don Quixote illustration? Second one is from the entrance in the Secondary School: "No T shirts on narrow straps; no shorts; no mini skirts; no short T shirts; no hoods".

This one is of course something you see everywhere all the time, vehicle in the air?


Food can be decorative too. Honey on the International Honey Fair or food displayed by the food producers [and sellers] on the Palilula Market.

  Beograd Visuals 2023  



Space we are exploring now is passage [built BTW back in 1913] where I lived for more than 20 years. We have special page dedicated to this favourite passage.

  Beograd Visuals 2023  

Continuing along main pedestrian street, Knez Minajlova, sights are overpowering each other. We already have new urban space in our collection, Plato & Deliska Cesma, interested?



  Beograd Visuals 2023  

Gray car above is Renault 4, it is quite old, model is probably from 1975, so almost 50 years old. It is still in driving condition. We had one for years, and sold it for parts in 1993, before we left for Canada.

Where are we? Our geographical location is 20.27.44˚ E and 40.49.14˚ N, exactly!

  Beograd Visuals 2023  

Two prominent personalities are saved for ethernity here. Milorad Pavic [left] , famous writer of the book "Dictionary of the Khazars" and Petar II Petrovic Njegos writer, philosopher and ruler of the neighbouring state of Montenegro.

  Beograd Visuals 2023  

Narodni Muzej [National Museum], is place where we mingled with tons of tourists. Visit was short but efficient.

  Beograd Visuals 2023  

Describing exhibits will take to much time. Mentioning just Vuk Karadzic [left] should be enough.

  Beograd Visuals 2023  

Lepenski Vir. Follow this link to find out what this location and original finds on the photo right, items displayed at the National Museum, are representing. => LINK.

  Beograd Visuals 2023  

Outside on the Trg Republike [Republic Square] we went for the sweet refreshment in the restaurant that was favourite in our youth, By The Horse. If you visit the square itself it will be absolutely clear why it was called that way.

      We started with food, let's continue with food. #01. Caprese Salad, excellent both visually and taste anywhere we tried, #02. Cakes in the neighborhood we stayed,
#03 Crapes with Nutela and banana, mmmmmmmmmmmm.
  Beograd Visuals 2023  

"Tell me that I am dear to your hearth my love, everything is erased then. Listen to your hearth for the new beginning"! All of that with Gypsy music band, enjoy.


Still in Belgrade with Slobodan Markovic, more visuals of course.


Quite disapointing visit to Museum of Conteporary Art. Only ground lavel is open of this magnificant bulding designed by arch. Ivan Antic, with few exhibits.


We are in Zemun now, excellent, restored heritage, pedestrianized area of the old town. More images and info on the page of Magistrat Square in our collection.



Some national motives all around.


We are ending this path with the Don Quixote, Desanka Maksimovic [famous Serbian poet] and figure of Patriarch Pavle, all displayed within Tasmajdan Park.


As Marshall McLuhan said many years ago: “Art, at its most significant, is a Distant Early Warning System that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it.”

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