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Psychogeography Portrait ... 25 ... Jurjeva Luka, Lastovo, Hrvatska  
  beograd, srbija, pesacka zone  
Island of dreamlike beauty, preserved nightly landscape, discover, dive, taste Croatian youngest Nature park
  First traces of human life on the island of Lastovo were found as far as the late Neolithic Age. Slavs and Neretvians inhabit it in 7th and 8th century.

Because of constant attacks on his ships Venetian Doge Pietro Orseolo II conquered the island in 998 and completely destroyed the settlement, so people of Lastovo decided to build a city on a hill away from the coast, where the town Lastovo lives to this day.

Political changes in Europe, followed by WWI and WWII leave Lastovo dependant on the will of temporary governments. Italian occupation of Lastovo lasted from 1918 until 1943. In 1945 Lastovo became a part of Yugoslavia. Republic of Croatia declared independence in 1991. However, Peoples’ Army of Yugoslavia didn't’t leave their military bases on Lastovo until July 1992.

    For very long time island was isolated from tourists and any other visitors, since it was together with other Croatian island Vis declared as a military zone. That was probably significant contribution to the present pristine condition.

Lastovo is preserved in its natural beauty and declared in 2006 a Nature Park together with their 195.83 km2 of sea and surrounding archipelago. In 2003 WWF declared Lastovo a priority for the preservation of the Mediterranean biodiversity and as a consequence nature untouched beauty is preserved. Locals are saying: protecting the nature is our responsibility!

  Locals are saying: protecting the nature is
our responsibility!
      Our visit to Lastovo started as a family stay, four adults and a two year old girl. We were exploring island for a beach with a friendly entrance to the sea for the little girl and Jurjeva Luka was recommended as a right one by some local friends.

Pasadur is settlement on the west side of the Lastovo island connected with the bridge to the tiny island Prežba. Jurjeva Luka is most secluded bay as you can see on our map above. Where the name is coming from, we don't know.

  First step, our base
was Cafe Cocolo
  This is where our psychogeographical walk started.

First step, our base, was Cafe Cocolo, marked with X on our detailed map above. Jurjeva Luka is visible in the distance on the photo.

We noticed that on several spots along this narrow road there were entrances to some underground structures. Just across the road other abandoned structures are noticeable. What are they?

"Estimated value of the abandoned old military properties on the island of Lastovo is one million euros, for the land, and 100.000 euros for the value of buildings. Property is now totally unusable and and there are not even plans for their usage in the near future".

This report is talking about last year meeting of the officials with locals. There are only 680 people presently permanently living on the island and they were discussing possibilities to revitalize these properties for some tourist industry needs.

      All the properties visited here are in the past owned by Jugoslav Army but today not used at all. First observed one is entrance to the deep tunnel [there are several of them located here] cut in the hill, used in the past to pull tanks and other artillery inside to protect them from enemy attacks. Entrances are covered by the tick greenery, very typical for this island, and totally invisible even from the short distance.

Building visible on the previous few photos was obviously used for residential purpose, built on one of the best possible spot in Jurjeva Luka, just above the beautiful beach, with private dock still in quite good shape, today abandoned.

  All the properties were
in the past owned by
Jugoslav Army
      But this is just the beginning.

Few steps away secluded under the mature trees is rare object in the area that do not belong to the army. It is very small, somewhat preserved chapel, with doors firmly closed and inside used with respect, meaning that it is at least not used as a toilet.

Next structure we stumbled upon is with a plaque outside. It is saying: "In the year 1943 and 1944 in this building hospital of the People Liberating Army of Yugoslavia was located. This plaque was posted on 9 of September 1972, by the Community of Lastovo".

  Obviously long
military tradition
keeps this area as a
historic reminder
  That is saying a lot, in my opinion. Obviously long military tradition keeps this area as a historic reminder to the very well organized resistance to the German and Italian occupation during the WW II.

Other few structures are solder barracks, hospitals, dry dock for pulling ships for repairs, observation tower, etc. It is still visible that it was taking great effort over a long period of time, judging by the size of the planted oak trees. Whole area including the well and this very pleasant path along Jurjeva Luka bay is creating park like zone.

      What is happening today?

"Nautical tourism is the most important sector of tourism in the Lastovo Islands. Jurjeva Luka is an old naval harbour and as such is offering a near total protection from rough weather and strong winds. If you are looking for a good night’s kip in very peaceful surroundings on your yacht charter, this is a bay to aim for! Even in the low season you will find a number of other yachts seeking refuge here. There are options to either anchor or to moor against one of the three quays in the bay".

This is light in the end of the tunnel. It marks a starting point of new kind of activities, with respect to the past using it as an advantage for the future.

What do you think? Please let us know.


If you want to enjoy in more sights around this beautifill island we created a gallery in our photoblog, and we have two squares recorded on Lastovo: Pjevor in the city of Lastovo and Square in Lucica, little settlement on the south side.

As you noticed we were very impresed with Lastovo, and therefore Lastovo and Lucica also deserved a place in our collection of 100 cities around the world.

  Old naval harbour and
as such is offering a near
total protection from
rough weather
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