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  Aleksandar was born and educated in Beograd, former Yugoslavia and relocated to Canada in 1993. He graduated Architecture and Design from University of Beograd, and continued his education after relocation to Canada with numerous certified courses, workshops and seminars. His experience in Architecture, Art, Photography and Graphic and Multimedia Design was recognized by Seneca College and in 1996 he was employed in the Media Production Department. From 1998 until 2006 he was working in the Centre for New Technologies in Teaching and Learning at Seneca College.

Parallel with the work at the College he was involved in his Art Practice. He had 4 one man and more than 30 group shows of space objects, installations, drawings, etchings (art prints), paintings and photographs. In 2001 this art practice evolved to the exploration work on the large project “Urban Squares”, consisting of urban analyses, VR panoramas, web site, photo blog, psychogeographical portraits, digital art, photographs, public art, articles, public presentations and lectures.

He received numerous awards starting in 1982 May Salon of Art Prints; Award for best art print in the show, in 1992 gold promo for package design on the Yugoslav Advertising Festival, in 2003 Paragon Award, National Council (North America) for Marketing & Public Relation; silver winner, Virtual Guide to Seneca College, produced and created with the team in Media Production and Marketing Department, in 2004 - ACM SIGUCCS Communications Award; overall winner, Seneca ITT Guide, brochure and on-line version, in 2005 - Festival of Architecture and Design, poster, competition organized by Toronto Society of Architects (TSA), winner “People’s Choice Award”, in 2006 - Art commission for 3 digital chromira art prints Urban Squares for Seneca College art collection, 2007 1st prize "People choice award", poster for festival of Architecture and Design, 2008 second prize poster for Heritage Toronto.

His illustrations, photographs and were published in Toronto Society of Architect Website, Perspectives Magazine, Canadian Architect Magazine, Novae Res Urbis Magazine, Spacing Magazine, Toronto Life magazine and several books. He was Participating in Orphan Spaces Initiative Charrette, DX Toronto in 2006 and numerous other events.

Complete project "Urban Squares" was in 2007 selected for JavaMuseum [Cologne, Germany]- Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art to be included in New Media Fest 2007, incorporating the latest project environments. It was also selected for 3rd Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina (November 2007), that will be presenting the festival program in physical space and it was selected by Coudal Partners, Chicago, USA to be included in the "Museum of on-line museums".

Since 2006 Aleksandar is involved in a research project "Digital Neighbourhoods" in a Revitalization Institute at Seneca College, Toronto, Canada creating specific psychogeographical portraits – urban analyses of existing neighbourhoods in greater Toronto area and in a role of Chief Media Specialist.

Since May 2012 when he took early retirement from Seneca College, Aleksandar is active in numerous associations and initiatives around Urban Sustainabliity – Revitalization and he is participating in conferences, symposiums and workshops. He is also pursuing his private practice in Illustration, Graphic and Web Design and Photography.

Since 2015 Aleksandar is participating as a founding member in Resilience 2 to 1, a volunteer multi-disciplinary group of educators, researchers and professionals focused on the issue of resilience for Canada during a changing climate.

Second edition of his book: URBIS – a language of urban fabric, is published in September 2013 and it is available for purchase and review.

Book, published in June 2015, myPSYCHOgeography, is an attempt to collect and synthesize sketches and ideas which have informed aleksandar janicijevic art practice in the period between 1970 and 2015. The most interesting, in my opinion, is the deeply intersecting nature of the various media explored. It is available for purchase and review.

66 SIDEVIEWS book published in December 2016, is 66 colected sidevews, scenes, incidents, accidents, displays, actions, performances, acts, events, signs, symbols, settings, episodes, pictures, each for one year of his life. It is available for purchase and review.

Connecting with Urban Squares is a book published in January 2018, with 90 selected squares form the total of 350 on this website, with a map of the area where each square is located, description of the space and several high resolution photos. It is available for purchase and review.


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urban squares initiative is licensed under a creative commons attribution-share alike 2.5 canada license.
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