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Urban Squares Art - Part E - Artist Statement  

I have been developing this project [urban squares] since July 2001. It consists of the collection of 364 urban square images. The photos have been taken in 32 countries, stitched together as 360˚ panoramas and prepared in three formats. Flash Player viewable in full screen mode, HTML5 for all platforms not supporting Flash, like iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. Majority of them are prepared for printing up to 20" x 150". As an integral part of this collection a classification system was developed. There are two parts to this system: categories/types of squares and an evaluation method. By classifying and then analyzing the elements of a square, I slowly began to realize that there is a similarity between the city and a living organism.

We can treat cities as entities with collective intelligence and, with the same analogy, we can recognize a system by which the urban space communicates with us. The square, as a city's "heart and soul", has the most to say, so recently I concentrated my artistic exploration on the language of urban squares. The vocabulary of urban squares is part of a complex language of art; it is a dialect with very specific characteristics. Elements have their individual meanings, but when combined create new messages. Architectural elements, signage systems, graffiti and many other forms of urban art follow each other in a continuous stream, they surround us and direct our movements, they are given to us in a form on which we, as individuals, have very little effect. Still, we are the only ones that can attempt to interpret them and use their messages in order to understand and try to create more sustainable and habitable cities [resiliente too!] . The level on which squares communicate transcends every day life. Careful observation and a lot of passion are necessary in order to interpret/translate their messages. Many urban experts write and lecture on the topic of cities. In my work, I try to match those thoughts with my interpretation of the urban square. This project is a hybrid between a scientific and an artistic approach to the subject. I am aware that this narrow path between them might be speculative and perhaps not 100% accurate, but the objective is to have more freedom in interpreting the facts, and then provoke action from interested and influential people.

I am planning a series of public appearances, conferences, lectures and exhibitions. A 24 page promotional booklet has been printed.

The language of urban squares series consists of several digitally manipulated images. There is one very important element to these photographs. They are taken in actual spaces but at the same time they are not entirely realistic. 12 different photos taken from the same spot in a 360˚ circle and stitched together provide a surreal impression (visible when printed) with multiple vanishing points and a curved perspective. When stitched they are converted to black and white image to help visually separate it from the message, which is in colour. For that same reason all other visual communication is eliminated [blurred] from the image. Matching, sometimes controversial, thoughts of famous writers, architects and urban theorists with the those photos of urban areas, encourages awareness of the problems that plague our cities and their possible solutions. It is important to be aware that an individual can make a difference, and that people often participate in the process of urban development unknowingly. I also hope that the artistic strengths of the art prints will attract attention. They are printed on chromira archival paper and with permanent inks, the size is 92" x 18.4" in only one copy plus the authors print for exhibiting purposes. Accompanying the piece I would like to see a short description of the intention of the urban squares project which is: “to be a forum for free expression and exchange of ideas, and to inspire a new age of urban art as a contribution to the process of improvements in urban life”.

Material developed within the urban squares project, "the language of urban squares", colour art prints, "psychogeographical neigbouhood portraits", public art, etc., can be used as an educational tool. It could potentially be a valuable source of information and inspiration and way for people to get involved in the protection and nourishment of the urban environment. Learning to live in greater harmony with the natural world and the built environment requires the evaluation of existing spaces, as well as the examination of the urban space in other parts of the world. The urban squares site is the source of such material, which could potentially be adjusted to suit the needs of a particular course or program.

You can also glance true my art work before 2000.

Aleksandar Janicijevic, Toronto, April 25, 2007


urban re: ART => I am having in mind latest trend to re:Connect in the global community and my wish is to take the role in the re:Development [01] phase of human civilization that is in front of us. I am hoping that this work will be among the ones taking place in exploratory re:ART. Art rediscovered, renewed and reused, interventions that are extending heritage art experiences. Art that goes beyond one discipline, art that will spread between cultures and political systems, time and space. Art that is looking for advantages of contemporary technology and involvement and participation of the viewers. My interest in urban morphology and social integration was always present in my work and this attempt to bring new meaning and interpretation of language of urban space is for me natural step forward.

[01] check storm Cunningham's revolutionary new book, reWealth.

Aleksandar Janicijevic, Toronto, October 01, 2015.


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