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Urban Squares Art - Part D - Photo art  
  urbansquares photos, kathmandu 1974  
      Since the first days of my art activities and that goes back to 1968, photo based art was always starting point equal with my freehand drawings. Naturally combination was a result.

At first I used ancient old Agfa Billy Clack camera from 1930, leftover from my grandfather [or maybe my grand uncle?]. It was very impractical so I quickly switched to my father reliable and robust Zenit-S, Russian made camera from 1955.

As I progressed in 1969 I managed to purchase a very modern Praktica LLC - SLR camera with excellent Carl Zeiss lens and somewhere around 1975 for the time quite expensive Asahi Pentax ME that I was carrying on most of my trips all over the world.

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  urbansquares photos beograd 1976  


  In the days of traditional cameras my primary medium was Kodakchrome slide film, initialy developed for movie production but later used intensively by profesionals everywhere.

These two following sets of images were created as a series of slides with automatic projection and with music. Unfortunately it is not available here. First one is from 1982 called "Causes and Consequences' or in original "Uzroci i Posledice". Watch all 111 slides in PDF format.



  causes and cosequences - urbansquares, 1982  
      Second one is from 1983 called "looking for Ourselfs' or in original "Dvostruko trazenje sebe", created in cooperation with my wife Mira. Watch all 120 slides in PDF format.      
  Looking for ourselfs, urbansquares 1983  
      After moving to Canada in 1993 for the first few years film was still popular but when digital cameras become available and since I was working in the College where technology was a key issue for advancement in the career I switched to totally digital. My first digital camera was Nikon Coolpix 600 and soon after Nikon Coolpix 775 even with attachment for wide angle lens and then Nikon Coolpix 950.

By 2001 I moved to Panasonic Lumix cameras with excellent Leica lenses, first Lumix LC, than to Lumix LX, next in 2008 to Lumix LX3 [that I am using to this day as a pocket size camera, 11 years after it was introduced]. Today I am using Lumix GX1 occasionally moving to Nikon 3500 and Nikon 7500 for more demanding images.

      Most of the images used on this website but also on my photoblog and various other print and on-line media were created using those cameras for mixed usage in mind, personal but always good enough quality for proffesional purpose. Much more recent photos are available at our photoblog and troughout this website.      
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