Urban Squares Art
01. language of urban squaresseries of large format digital art prints. there is one very important element to these photographs. they are taken in actual spaces but at the same time they are not entirely realistic. 12 different photos taken from the same spot in a 360˚ circle and stiched together provide a surreal impression (visible when printed) with multiple vanishing points and a curved perspective. when stiched they are converted to black and white image to help visually separate it from the message, which is in colour and it was added digitaly. for that same reason all other visual communication is eliminated [blurred] from the image.
chromira archival art prints, 92" x 18.4", each 1/1 + one author's print, toronto, 2006 - 2008 [price is negotiable].
you can also order them in smaller format, 7 1/2" x 21 1/2", framed, for $500.photo: st. jans vliet, antwerpen, belgium, 2005
quote - message: “the city has its own feelings, in the same way as a complex organism”,
by b. bogdanovic, urbs & logos, beograd, 1972

photo: richmond st. alley, toronto, canada, 2006
quote - message: "what would be the accumulative impact of similar interventions on the urban system over time?", [author unknown - internet 2006]

photo: rossio (praca dom pedro IV), lisboa, portugal, 2002
quote - message: “the city is nothing if you do not interpret it with passion” by nigel coats,
guide to ecstasity, london, 2004

photo: dundas square, toronto, canada, 2005;
quote - message: “the artist permanently faces the decision of whether to advance against the public as a warlord of innovation”, by iconoclash exhibition papers, karlsruhe, 2002.

photo: kopitareva gradina, beograd, 2005
quote - message: in the cities choked with advertising urban art provides important forum for social commentary and free expression”, by t. manco, street logos, london, 2004

photo: grote markt, gouda , nederland, 2005
quote - message: “the city needs to be touched to bring out the flavor” by nigel coats, guide to ecstasity, london, 2004

photo: king & bay street, toronto, 2007
quote - message: "active search for and celebration of, chance and coincidence" by wilfried hou je bek, socialfiction.org, 2007

urban squares initiative by aleksandar janicijevic is licensed under a creative commons attribution-share alike 2.5 canada license.

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