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Psychogeography Walks - Neighbourhood Portraits
  We are starting in May 2017 process of creating specialized pages for our Psychogeography walks – neighbourhood portraits. Bellow is a list of all our portraits, and bellow that list and some links to the earlier attempts.   PSYCHOGEOGRAPHY IS [our definition]:

"The subjective analysis, mental reaction, to neighbourhood
behaviours related to geographic location. A chronological process
based on the order of appearance of observed topics, with the time
delayed inclusion of other relevant instances"

  Participant in some of
our walks described our
intentions in his article about
psychogeography like this:
in discovering a small world
we discover the whole world.
Pedestrian Area, Beograd, Srbija

City of urban squares, Nancy

Placa de Lesseps, Barcelona

City of squares, Holgun, Cuba

Old town, Salzburg

Place aux Abbesses, Paris

Uzes, Around Place aux Herbes

Buenos Aires Street Art


21. Praça des Flores, Lisbon, Portugal, March 2017


20. Ingram & Craig Streets, Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, June, 2016


19. Place Aux Herbes, Uzes, France, September 2015


18. Quebec City underpass,. August 2013

17. Ossington Street, back alleys Graffity Gallery,
April 2013

16. Trafalgar Hill, San Francisco,
March 2013


12. Koracica, special village in Serbia, July 2011

11. Place de Stanislas, Nancy, France, and 4 other connected squares in the same area.
– July 2011

10. Four connected squares in Salzburg, Austria.
– August 2011


09. Plaça de la Vila de Gracia – Barcelona, August of 2009

08. Plaça Lesseps, Barcelona
[This walk and our report was discussed in several websites, articles and books and raised some very intriguing questions, most of them controversial.
August of 2009




15. Plaza in Guardalavaca, Holguin province, Cuba
Plaza, Guardalavaca
December 2012

14. Square with perfect marks:
Place de Abbesses, Paris
August 2012

13. One very important walk, somewhat specific, was performed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is raising very significant question about legality of "street art" and freedom of expression.
Buenos aires street art.
March 2012.


  2005, 2006, 2007

On the two maps bellow of our psychogeographical walks performed in 2005, 2006 and 2007 are marked.

01. Graffiti Alley - Toronto West Queen [Gallery], May, 2005

02. Manhatan Urban Art[Gallery]
December 2005

03. Dunford Avenue, Orphan Spaces Charrete Walk [Web site], May 2006

In the first half of 2006 our psychogeographical work was recognized by Bill Humber from the Seneca College’s Centre for the Built Environment and we started collaboration on a “Digital Neghbourhoods Project”. We formed a teams that performed two psychogeographical walks.

Participants were couple of people from our group and at least one person living in the area. Technique is quite simple. Group of enthusiasts is walking for an hour or so with a not predetermined plan through the part of the community with eyes wide open and curiosity.

04. Bowmanville [PDF 5.5 MB], June 2006

05. Old Toronto [PDF 1MB], October 2006.

06. Wiliamsburg [Withby], [PDF 1.9 MB], June 2006

07. Zmaj Colony, Beograd [Zemun], [PDF 1.5MB], August 2007




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